Logic Hospitality – Provides

We’d like to welcome Logic Hospitality as our Stocktaking Business Partner.

Helping hospitality businesses by providing comprehensive, objective and industry advice across all inventory operations, from the stocktake process through to database structure and maintenance.

Logic Hospitality become a part of your business to help you achieve your inventory management and control goals. We successfully partner with you in assessing your current shrinkage and theft percentage and work to minimise stock losses through procedure and data, hence improving your bottom line.

Our back ground in hospitality operations, including hotels, retail, restaurants and clubs, allows us to speak your language, understand your challenges with stock control training and human resources. We connect front of house and back of house with assessment of all management processes, not for inventory alone but to include complete venue operations.

StockTaker for SwiftPOS

www.logichospitality.com.au they are so experienced I’m sure they will help you with your business and get it organised.